Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To Prevent A Computer Virus Attack

  • Protecting yourself against computer viruses is less time-consuming and more cost-effective than trying to remove them once you’ve become infected. Here are some helpful tips to avoid them:
  • Don’t surf unknown websites and avoid clicking on popups. Set your security settings on the browser to high, and stay away from sites that make promises that are too good to be true. Never agree to a virus scan that’s in the form of an internet popup.
  • Update your antivirus security program frequently to prevent malicious virus intrusions by scheduling regular automatic virus scans.
  • Open ALL emails with caution and only ones you are expecting with attachments. Computer viruses and worms have become so sophisticated that you don’t have to download an attachment anymore to infect your computer.
  • Since 2011 the fake FBI moneypak virus has been considered as a way to extort money, by getting the user to charge their credit card to purchase a nonexistent product.
  • Computer Virus Symptoms
  • Excessive number of popups when surfing the internet.
  • Computer very slow and sluggish.
  • Browser taking you to an unknown site or redirection of your search results.
  • Fake software scans resulting in hundreds of infections and warnings.
  • Cannot connect to internet.
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